Un intruso en mi cuaderno

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  • CCEI Award 2013
  • Ala Delta Award 2012


Butterflies invade Mariano's notebook. They have taken different shapes, sizes and colours; but none of them fly, for they are mere drawings.
Mariano decides to unravel the mystery on the creator of the butterflies. However, when he is close to solving it, something changes: a sad butterfly appears. What happened to the draughtsman? What does he want to tell Mariano?

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[…] A story […] worth reading.

Me gusta este libro

[…] We highly recommend you to read and enjoy this book and his tender narrative style. No matter if you are 7, 8, 100 or even 200 years old, this book will move you and you will love it.

Menudo Castillo

Un intruso en mi cuaderno is a fantastic and moving book you will enjoy from start to finish.

Verónica – Dragonfly

Right from the first line of this book I discovered a simple novel written in an incredible way. Mariano’s story throws brushstrokes filled with intrigue and irony, and turns it into an ode to hope and friendship; values which are often lost and forgotten.

Manuel Cortés Blanco – Asociación Aragonesa de Escritores

This tenderness of this book will leave a mark in the reader that will persist long after he is finished with it.

Nuria Ranz – Revista Lazarillo

This award is well deserved for it is one of the best books I have read this year.

José R. Cortés Criado – La página escrita

This novel is special. It is delicate and noticeably emotional, and needs to be read by everybody: kids, teens, adults; as it deals with happiness. […] A beautiful story that made me tear up out of joy.

Silvia Cartañá – Los Cuentos de Bastian

A touching story […] that will connect the younger and the elder.

Canal lector

“Un intruso en mi cuaderno” is one of these little gems that make you love literature even more. […] The narrative dynamism linked with the emotion and emotionality of the book make it a compulsory book and a great adventure for young kids. “Un intruso en mi cuaderno” invites you to read, it makes you want to read, and yes you can read a book in one sitting, yes you can dream and imagine with words. Luckily, with authors such as David Fernández Sifres, young readers will feel the taste of literature again. […]

Arancha Arnau – El elefante lector

David Fernández Sifres, the young Leonese who, with each of his books gets an award, manages to get the Ala Delta Award 2012. He offers us a story for all ages, a story youth literature can be proud of.

Sara Moreno – OEPLI (Organización Española Para el Libro Infantil y juvenil)

I have just finished reading Un intruso en mi cuaderno by David Fernández Sifres, and I could not wait to review it as it left a wonderful taste in my mouth. What an ending! Not just because of what happens, but also how it happens and how it is told. A great book for sure.

Jorge Gómez Soto – Literatura infantil y juvenil actual

Un intruso en mi cuaderno offers a different and truly touching story. […] It is an ode to friendship, to the imagination and first and foremost to the fight for life. It is, without any doubt, one of the best children’s book of this year.

Carmen Fernández Etreros – Culturamás

The story has a nice rhythm and uses a simple language to stay close to children. The reader’s focus is always maintained and the plot never loses its intensity.

Ana María López Andrade – Revista Lazarillo

 The jury of the 23rd edition of the Ala Delta Award made an excellent decision. […] Fernandez Sifres’s writing style allows us to slowly read and enjoy the feelings we are presented with little by little in a well-balanced way. Truly a really good book.

Miquel Rayó – Diario de Mallorca (Original in Catalán)

 It is a lovely story that will captivate and win you over from beginning to end.

Antonio Luis Ginés – Diario Córdoba

A wonderful story destined to children from eight onwards that will make them fly in an imaginative way.

Redacción – El Heraldo del Henares

There is no doubt the Leonese David Fernández Sifres confirms with “Un intruso en mi cuaderno” that he is one of the most solid representatives of modern youth Spanish literature.

L. Castellanos – La Crónica de León

We are faced with a truly intense and beautiful book, as well as original and filled with a marvelous poetic strength.

Alfonso García – Diario de León

It is an interesting and entertaining story on friendship, with a moving and poetic ending.

Victoria Fernández – Babelia (El País)

The ability that David Fernández (León, 1976) has to get into this 9-year-old kid’s mind, without making us lose our smile in front of this whirlwind of emotions, is the indisputable proof of the value and importance of the book.

Cecilia Frías – El Cultural (El Mundo)