Luces en el canal

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  • Fundación Cuatrogatos Award 2014
  • Roll of Honour CCEI Award 2014
  • El Barco de Vapor Award 2013


Nobody has ever asked the man in the boat what his name was; nor have they asked him about these strange color lights which often escape from his boat. Or what this monster with a huge square face is, that sometimes appears at night. Frits is determined to find the answers to these questions and by doing so he will discover that there is much more to reality than meets the eye.

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It highlights what makes your child unique and different, so that he doesn’t let himself be stomped upon and keeps his free-will. Required reading at home and/or at school.

This novel tells the story of a touching friendship between a child and a beggar. However, it is much more than that for Fernández Sifres knows how to shake up a dull and hard story to present it to the readers in a beautiful way. The book’s qualities are emphasized thanks to Puño’s illustrations, which are real windows on colours and imagination. Dussel and his wife are heartful characters, who make us reflect on the importance to stay true to one’s values and ideals. Frits has definitely understood that, and…So has the reader.

Anabel Sáiz Ripoll – Voces de las dos orillas

We find ourselves faced with a highly recommended novel, thanks to its top quality writing and wonderful illustrations. Luces en el canal is one of these stories that will forever be engraved in the minds of young readers – and even in those who are not so young.  The way it is narrated teaches us that friendship is based on trust and in that, it is a tale that shows us that honest people can always find their place in the world and be happy, even when everything seems to be going the other way.

Miguel Ángel García Guerra – Educación y nuevas tecnologías

Rare are the opportunities to read such imaginative books, with so many human nuances, and stories layered on top of others. This book from El Barco de Vapor will be a good way for young – and older – people to commune with themselves.

Manuel Quiroga – Asociación Colegial de Escritores de España

Luces en el canal wraps itself around you and doesn’t let you go. David Fernández Sifres – the author – was unknown to me until now, yet he managed – for a brief moment – to give me that feeling I used to have when I opened a book for the first time. Back when literature was starting to walk by my side and when I discovered extraordinary adventures that made me think and want to become like the characters involved. It even made me want to write my own stories, again and again, from scratch, to turn them into what I had always loved: books with which I could dream, live, feel.

Sergio Sancor – Libros y literatura

A wonderful modern fairy tale with great potential that will stick in your head.

Fundación Cuatrogatos (Miami)

A novel filled with generosity, hope, love and thirst for life. […] A great story that reflects on the value of the things that matter the most in life – with the permanent presence of fantasy and wonder throughout the pages. The overall arch hinges on excellent dialogues and a natural use of language, which bring a growing interest to the story.

Alfonso García – Diario de León

We got ourselves in front of the third awarded novel of the four published up until now by Fernández Sifres. A story that makes us reflect on those little things which give life its true meaning, all marvelously highlighted by Puño’s creative illustrations.

Cecilia Frías – El Cultural (El Mundo)

The decision was unanimous. We talked at length about the story we had fallen in love with. Some remembered the magical realism, others highlighted the outstanding style used and everybody agreed on the necessity to have more stories like this one, especially in this period of shortage and despair.

Gemma Lluch (Miembro del Jurado del Premio El Barco de Vapor 2013) –  

A tender story which tells us how children can see beyond prejudices, in order to put themselves into other people’s shoes. It is written through the means of a direct language, even if it is aimed towards a magical reality, one you do not know how you reached. It is a novel that will make you grow as a reader.

Jurado del Premio El Barco de Vapor 2013.

[…] a novel wonderfully anchored in a magical reality. Luces en el canal by David Fernández Sifres is a book filled with mysteries which open your eyes on this other reality only few people can see…

S.A.R. la Princesa de Asturias (Discurso de entrega del Premio El Barco de Vapor)